Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei: Islamic Revolution of Iran will not budge to enemy

jos_khamenei Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei in a meeting with thousands of people from northern Mazandaran province Tuesday said there are many lessons in historical events that the nation could take in its future path, adding that different plots of enemy were futile during the past due to the faith and  vigilance of people.Ayatollah Khamenei said some nations failed in their national aspirations because they were unprepared for facing with the challenges ahead and therefore their history could teach us to be ready for the threats ahead. Ayatollah Khamenei then noted that in the past thirty years, the opponents of the Islamic System have made two major mistakes; they considered themselves superior to people and have relied on the enemies of the Iranian nation. Ayatollah Khamenei elaborated that the superior mood had caused the opponents to brand any legal action or choice of people as populist. The IR Leader added that the opponents of the System were seriously wrong in their reliance on enemies.  The Leader said that the US plots in the past thirty years were evidently futile, adding that a clear proof to the argument was that the Islamic Republic of Iran was many times more powerful than the early revolutionary period and keeps its path more robustly.Ayatollah Khamenei expressed wonder that the enemies fail to take lesson from their past records and continue to push their plots against the Iranian nation. “American authorities say they have approved a 45 million dollar budget to defeat the Islamic Republic through the Internet. This is the height of frustration of enemy because they have already spent many 45 million dollar sums in their fight against the Islamic System through diplomacy, sanctions, dispatching of spies, recruitment of henchmen and other methods, all futile,” the IR Leader said. The Leader of Islamic Revolution referred to enemies’ inability to comprehend the reality of 1979 Revolution and power of the masses as the will of God and said the enemies of Iranian nation had long planned to incite riots in Tehran, but their efforts only made people become more determined in defending the Islamic Republic. Ayatollah Khamenei asserted that recent events caused people to feel more obliged to defend the Islamic Republic. The Leader of Islamic Revolution said some of the enemy plots were designed to make the Islamic Republic to budge, adding however that the Islamic administration will not budge to enemy and the late Imam Khomeini did too. Ayatollah Khamenei said the nation has stood firm in demanding their rights and added that Iranians want to be a free, independent, and developing nation. Ayatollah Khamenei said according to Islamic teachings, if the followers of truth are sincere they would overcome any obstacles and what the people have learned since the revolution has proven this. Active participation in the scene was what the Leader of Islamic Revolution noted as the crucial duty of the people and officials especially the younger generation and those influential in the society. The Leader of Islamic revolution added that everyone ought to feel responsible in defending the Islamic Republic of Iran and the December 30 rallies were the manifestation of this sense of responsibility. He added that people will show their liveliness in the forthcoming February 11 rallies.  “The heads of three powers in the country should think of serving the nation with prudence as their solemn duty and should not let anything deter them in their task,” The Leader of Islamic Revolution said and added that the country’s forward movement shouldn’t be obstructed. Ayatollah Khamenei also spoke of numerous evidences that show the hand of God is behind the nation. He expressed hope that with the help of God and Imam Mahdi’s praying the nation will achieve its lofty goals.


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