Ayatullah Khamenei Slams West over Comments on Iran Protests

agharehbar After Western countries condemned the crackdown on anti-government protesters during the religious ceremony of Ashura in Iran, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution responds by saying that such comments have their roots in sheer “malice.” During a Wednesday meeting with members of the Islamic Association of Students in Europe, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei said the Western condemnation of the recent events in Iran has been provoked under the influence of “Zionist media.” The remarks come days after anti-government protesters took to some central and downtown streets in Tehran, hijacking the Ashura ceremonies, during which people commemorate the 7th century death of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) grandson, Imam Hussein (PBUH). Protesters reportedly chanted slogans against top Iranian government officials and damaged public buildings and properties. Iranian police forces used tear gas to disperse protesters. Referring to the statements, Ayatollah Khamenei said such remarks come as a result of sheer “malice” and “selfish efforts to distort reality.”

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