Tehran not to negotiate with US, E3 under pressure, threats

Referring to JCPOA revival talks, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says Tehran is not willing to negotiate with the US and E3 or make concessions under pressure and threats.

Speaking in his weekly presser on Monday, Nasser Kan’ani once again expressed Tehran’s principled position regarding the JCPOA revival talks.

Iran’s position is quite clear, Kan’ani told reporters, saying, “American officials know that the Islamic Republic of Iran, under pressures and threats, is not willing to negotiate or make concessions.”

Saying that Iran has been committed to the JCPOA and fulfilled its commitments under the deal, he criticized the US government as the violator of the nuclear deal.

He also reminded that the three European countries did not fulfill their obligations and could not compensate for US’s withdrawal from the JCPOA.

Reaching an agreement is possible in the shortest time, Kan’ani noted, advising the Europeans to not surrender to the Americans.

Tehran condemns West’s interventionist moves

He also reacted to illegal and interventionist moves of some Western governments against Iran under the pretext of internal developments in the country.

Iran has officially and openly announced its positions through the media, negotiations, and meetings, he said.

“Any misuse of Iran’s internal developments to exert political pressure against our country is condemned and unacceptable,” Kan’ani stressed.

Throughout history, some member states of the UN Security Council and the Human Rights bodies have committed countless crimes against independent governments and nations and are now using human rights as a tool to exert pressure, he noted.

Tehran-Riyadh talks in interest of region

Tehran considers the improvement of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia to be in the interest of the two sides and the region, Kan’ani said, answering a question about Iran’s position on boosting ties with the Persian Gulf country.

The Iraqi government has made constructive efforts regarding the Tehran-Riyadh talks and Iran welcomes any measures to complete this process, the Iranian senior diplomat stressed.

Border security important issue for Tehran

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman also spoke about the issues discussed between Iran and Iraq during Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani’s visit to Tehran.

Tehran attaches great importance to the issue of border security and in this meeting, the Iraqi government promised to implement some commitments regarding security issues, he said.

The Iraqi government is determined to deploy forces to the Iran-Iraq border, especially along Iran’s border with the Kurdistan region of Iraq, he said, adding that this measure will be a positive step in establishing security and stability on the borders of the two countries.

Iran-China coop. on positive path

Elsewhere in his remarks, Kan’ani touched upon Iran’s ties with China, saying that the relationship between Iran and China is a growing relationship and a good example of successful cooperation between the two countries in a bilateral relationship.

The process of implementing bilateral agreements between Iran and China through the comprehensive 25-year cooperation program and other bilateral agreements is on the right track, he noted.

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