Zionists like it or not Iran will progress

Speaking to the president and members of the board of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Ayatollah Abdonnabi Namazi said that Islam has a special perspective on the economy of the Islamic state and emphasized that no other religion which has such a jurisprudential perspective on economic issues as Islam. He emphasized that Islam is not just a religion of worship, as many think, but that the Holy Quran speaks of economic issues as well.

His Eminence stated that devotion and servitude to God Almighty is equal to the issue of wealth, and stated that the political system of Western, Eastern and imperialist countries are bound to their leader, but we are followers of the system of wilayah (guardianship) and wilayah is a part of our belief system and our religious principles. “The reason for the weak economy in our Islamic system is due to our lack of attention to the instructions of the Resistance Economy as it was intended,” he explained.

Ayatollah Namazi stated that the reduction and alleviation of poverty in society is one of the fundamentals of the Islamic economic system. According to the Quran, the nation’s wealth should not be in the hands of the weak and those who do not have the capabilities to look after economic affairs.

The Supreme Leader’s representative in Kashan pointed to Ayatollah Khamenei’s emphasis that Iran must not be dependent on oil revenue and explained that the importance Ayatollah Khamenei gives to economic issues was inspired by the Holy Quran.

Although he spoke of the necessity for elements of the state-run state economy to be transferred to the private sector, Ayatollah Namazi warned that Iran must be careful in implementing economic reforms and should not forget that both that the state-run and the private economy could have negative repercussions for Iran, saying that the private economy in the United States unjustly allows some companies to have a monopoly over other companies.

The representative of Ayatollah Khamenei in Kashan said that economic authorities are considered as trustees of the Islamic system of governance and emphasized that they should protect the wealth of the country because of the country’s capital belongs to future generations.

Ayatollah Namazi also emphasized that whether the Zionists and arrogant powers like it or not, despite its shortcomings and problems, the Islamic Republic of Iran will progress in various scientific and economic progress fields. These powers already consider Iran their greatest threat but if Iran does not have a strong economy, it can not deal with its enemies.

In conclusion, His Eminence explained that Benyamin Netanyahu is very afraid over the fact that four regional capitals – Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus and Sana’a – have fallen into the hands of to Iran’s allies without any bloodshed.

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