Iran’s security forces capture 10 spies linked to regional states in Bushehr

Iran’s security forces in the southern province of Bushehr have arrested a network of 10 agents linked to the intelligence services of some regional countries allied to Western powers.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that the spies had been arrested through precise monitoring operations to prevent the deepening of their communications with the intelligence services of certain countries in the region and confront their anti-security measures.

“Among the goals of the intelligence services of the aforementioned countries (given their obvious complicity with the intelligence services of the hostile countries and on behalf of the aforementioned services) is to collect intelligence and conduct espionage acts from the country’s sensitive centers,” the statement read.

In September, Iranian security forces dismantled a foreign-backed terrorist group and killed its ringleader.

The Intelligence Ministry announced that Iranian forces had arrested the main members of the cell, supported and guided by the enemies’ intelligence services. The terrorist team had sought to carry out acts of sabotage inside Iran, it noted.


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