Protesters Demands Withdrawal of Saudi Forces from Bahrain

Bahraini activists gathered outside the Saudi embassy in Berlin on Friday, marking eight years since the start of the Saudi-led military intervention in their country.

They held up posters with images depicting some of the rights violations carried out in the kingdom “in retaliation to the popular revaluation” and demanded the withdrawal of Saudi forces.

More than 1,000 troops from Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states poured into Bahrain on March 14, 2011 to assist the Manama regime in its clampdown on pro-democracy protesters.

The suppression of the demonstrations would eventually become one of the bloodiest chapters in Bahrain’s history with over 100 killed.

For its part, Bahrain’s opposition Al-Wefaq movement accused foreign troops of continuing to aid Manama in its ‘confrontation with the Bahraini people’.

In a statement on Friday, the group said that the last eight years have “plunged the country into a whirlpool of instability, disabling the state and its institutions.”


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