Zainab Makki Released after 10 Months of Imprisonment as Trial Continues

A Bahraini court ordered releasing the detained Zainab Makki on Wednesday (May 23, 2018) with the guarantee of her place of residence.

Makki was arrested about 10 months ago, and was held in preemptive detention. The judge has refused in previous hearings to release her on bail.

In the hearing yesterday, the judge decided to release Makki, who is a mother of two children, while continuing her trial.

Activist Ebtisam Al-Sayegh said the temporary release of Zeinab Makki was a “good step”, hoping all charges to be dropped against her so that she could “go back to her children who need her care.”

“We are waiting for a similar decision to include all female prisoners held on political grounds,” she added.


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