“Bahraini regime, part of the Zionist regime”

alalamThe Bahraini regime, like the Saudi and Qatari regimes, is part of the Zionist regime, Abdel-Raouf al-Shayeb, a spokesman for February 14 revolutionaries has said.

In an exclusive interview with al-Alam News Channel on Tuesday, al-Shayeb asked, “Why hasn’t Bahrain’s foreign minister used the description he used to describes Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as a terrorist to describe the Zionist regime?”

“In short, Bahraini, Qatari and Saudi regimes are part of the Zionist regime and these regimes support the Zionist regime on all levels. They are the acting fingers in the region to pass the colonial policies of this regime, therefore we do not expect them to issue any condemnation or any kind of attack on the Zionist regime, while they issue condemnations against the leader of the resistance in Lebanon,” he said.

Referring to the illegal infiltration into Syria by Bahraini MPs and imams’ sons, some of which were killed in Syria, al-Shayeb added, “The infiltration came to support the terrorist al-Nusra Front which is fighting the Syrian people.”

“The Bahraini regime has not taken any measure against these illegal infiltrations, but instead there are news about a visit by the supporter of the armed opposition in Syria Sheikh Adnan al-Ar’our to Bahrain for further build-up, fund raising and gaining financial and logistical support to the militants in Syria,” he confirmed.

He stressed that there is clear and declared support from the Bahraini parliament to collect donations and make sectarian build-up that cannot be tolerated, adding, “They began to rally young men and women in Bahrain, putting them in a furnace they have no interest in.”

Al-Shayeb said that the Syrian issue is an internal issue that the Bahraini people cannot interfere in, wondering, “Why did not they support Hezbollah in the July 2006 war? Why did not they support Hamas in Gaza against the Zionist regime? Why have they been to Syria? They just went for a sectarian issue.”


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