Bahrain Justice Minister humiliates Shia Muslims

ahmed ali alwiMember of the Municipal Block of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Sayed Ahmed Al-Alawi stated that the regime forces in Bahrain are repressing and ridiculing the Shi’ites beliefs by systematically attacking their sacred religious values, such outrageous behavior is part of the harsh security crackdown that is being undertaken against the vast popular demands for a democratic transition.

Al-Alawi clarified “the regime forces verbally assault and humiliate citizens as soon as they are arrested. Assaults and humiliations are mainly meant to ridicule and humiliate the religious values of the arrested. Notably, such sectarian repressive measures had been undertaken right after the Justice and Islamic Affairs minister’s statement in which he ridiculed the Shi’ites sector and their beliefs”.

Al-Alawi added: “all these repressive measures are vindictively undertaken against citizens punishing them for their political stances and for their pro-democracy demands to end tyranny and build a democratic state”.

Al-Alawi pointed out that the Justice Minister, who belongs to the ruling family, had already ridiculed a vast faction of the community demoralizing them for their pro-democracy demands to build a modern democratic civil state. The minister’s statement- in which he defended dictatorship and confiscated the will of the people- included expressions that ridiculed citizens’ beliefs in a way that matched the regime forces suppressive behavior when attacking the citizens’ sacred religious values.

Al-Alawi concluded that “the crime of demolishing 38 mosques is unforgettable, the decision of the demolishment was unwise and was totally sectarian and vindictive. Everything on the ground proves the absence of a state and the necessity of establishing a real state that should be founded on justice and tolerance not on sectarianism”.


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