Al Wefaq’s Women wing calls for release of Nigerian school girls

bahrain women protestThe Women Affairs Department in Al Wefaq National Islamic Society in Bahrain stated, “The kidnapping of 200 Nigerian school girls has nothing to do with Islam and is a alarming and ugly crime”.

The Women Department called for the immediate release of the girls and to stop the ugly exploitation of women dignity for political purposes.
“Islam calls for the respect of women and the protection of their dignity, it is therefore regrettable that Boko Haram, which claims to be of Islamic faith, to kidnap more than 200 Nigerian girls as hostages and force them to convert to Islam under threat of being sold for the release of Al Qaeda members in attempt to achieve political purposes that have nothing to do with Islam”, the statement added.
The Women Department stressed that the abduction of the girls makes certain that these groups do not represent Islam or Muslims.
While international covenants ensure the rights of women and call for their participation in society, these groups continue to abduct, arrest and degrade women.
“Since the eruption of the 14 February revolution in 2011, women in Bahrain continue to be subjected to arrest and degrading treatment and we would hate to see other women in the world being mistreated. From here, we call for the release of the Nigerian girls and all female political prisoners in the world, refusing the abuse practiced against them”, the Women Department in Al Wefaq.


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