Maulana Kalbe Sadiq says modern education must for existence

jos_kalbe_sadiq-300x225Noted religious Scholar Maulana Dr Kalbe Sadiq while underlining the need of adopting modern education for uplift of minorities said he was not in favour of reservation. He was addressing a seminar organized by Aligarh Muslim University and Integral University.  In his address, Maulana said: “Though we do not oppose, but we are not in favour of reservation. We are confident of our abilities.” Maulana Sadiq is also vice-president of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. He said if minorities have to save their existence they must adopt modern education. “In the 21st century only those who adopt high level modern education will survive,” he said. Maulana Sadiq said instead of making unnecessary expenditure on marriages and repeated Hajs, the money should be used in providing good education to needy future generation.


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