Indian Muslim Scholars Meet Grand Ayatollah Taskhiri

jos_ayatullah_taskhiri_kalbe_sadiq-300x180 The secretary general for the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought (WFPIST) Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Taskhiri said religious scholars from all Islamic schools have a key role in helping prevent  discord among Muslims. According to the Shiite News, Speaking at a meeting with Indian Muslim scholars in New Dehli, India during his visit to attend the conference organized by Culture Center of Islmaic Republic of Iran in New Dehli India, on wednesday, Ayatullah Taskhiri stressed the need for unity among the Ummah and said “The holy Qur’an has equated differences and discord with adversity and affliction,” WFPIST’s public relations office reported. Scholars, theologians and preachers should know that “Enemies [of Islam] are trying to sow discord among Muslims” and that it is their obligation to prevent divisions in the ranks of Muslims. During the meeting prominent Indian Muslim scholars, including Dr. Qalb Sadeq and Abdul Wahab Khalaji , emphasized the need for Muslims to help the oppressed and downtrodden, close ranks and strive for the unity of Ummah.


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