Muslim figures from several countries discuss recent developments in Afghanistan

On Sunday, the Afghan capital, Kabul, hosted a webinar titled “Muslim World Ulemas and the Recent Developments in Afghanistan”. Top clerics from seven Islamic countries, namely Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Iran, Palestine, Iraq and Croatia participated in the event. They said the US withdrawal from Afghanistan opened a new chapter in the country, adding that it is up to the new rulers to form an inclusive government and maintain stability.

The attendees also stressed the need for Islamic solidarity and urged the Taliban and Afghans to stay awake and knowledgeable to foil enemies’ scheme.

Addressing the conference, the clerics also urged the Islamic countries to help Afghans amid difficulties and economic hardship.

The participants of the webinar stressed unity among all Muslims especially in Afghanistan. This, as the Taliban government is yet to be recognized by world countries and people are facing looming crises.



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