China’s Wuhan, Reports No New Cases For First Time Since Outbreak

The Chinese city of Wuhan has reported no new cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) for the first time since the outbreak, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission said on Thursday.

“[As of 18 March 2020], there were 733 new discharged cases, 6 new deaths, and 0 new suspected cases”, the authorities said.

In total, the number of people infected with COVID-19 in mainland China reached 80,928, while 3,245 died, the state health committee said. 34 new cases and eight new fatalities were added on 18 March, it added.

“The state health committee received from 31 provinces (districts, cities of central subordination) information about 80,928 confirmed cases of infection with the new type of coronavirus, including 7,263 people currently sick (2,314 are in serious condition), 70,420 people have been discharged from hospitals, 3,245 have died”, the statement said.

34 new cases and eight new fatalities were added on 18 March, while 819 patients were discharged from hospitals. All new deaths were registered in Hubei province, where the total number of fatalities has risen to 3,130, the local health authorities reported.

Globally, COVID-19 has affected more than 191,100 people and killed over 7,800, according to the latest information provided by the WHO.


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