Crackdown on Kashmiri youth to contain protests

Life in Kashmir has come to a standstill after New Delhi revoked the article 370 of the Indian constitution, stripping the disputed region of its autonomous status.

Lockdown has so far remained largely in place: Colleges and public transportation remain shut, businesses are closed, and people continue to stay inside their houses. India has however decided to re-open some primary and middle schools as part of its attempt to bring back stability to Kashmir.

Since August 5, Internet and cell phone services have remained cut in parts of the Indian-controlled Kashmir valley. India describes the restrictions as a precautionary measure for maintaining law and order.

Local media in Kashmir say government forces have initiated a crackdown on the youth to prevent their participation in any form of anti-government protests.

Despite New Delhi’s efforts to restore normalcy in the Muslim-majority region, Kashmiris feel aggrieved at what they call New Delhi’s callous decision of revoking their autonomy and ignoring their demands.

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