63 Shia Muslims martyred in Kabul wedding blast

At least 63 Shia Muslims were martyred in the late night blast that targeted a wedding party in Kabul. It also left around 182 injured, authorities said on Sunday (today).

The wedding was believed to be a Shia gathering. Takfiri terrorisits particualrly Daesh takfiri terrorist group used to target Shia Muslims in Afghanistan. But, that did not immediately issue any claim of responsibility.

However, Taliban denied any involvement in the attack. But, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said the Taliban could not escape blame for the “barbaric” suicide bomb attack.

“The Taliban cannot absolve them of blame for they provide platform for terrorists,” Ghani said in a post on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Interior ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi provided the toll, which is the highest in Kabul in recent months.

“Among the wounded are women and children,” Rahimi said.

Afghan weddings are epic and vibrant affairs, with hundreds or often thousands of guests celebrating inside industrial-scale wedding halls where the men are usually segregated from the women and children.

In the aftermath of Saturday’s attack images from inside the hall showed blood-stained bodies on the ground along with pieces of flesh and torn clothes, hats, sandals and bottles of mineral water.

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