Iranians, Syrians under criminal assault

iraniainUnsavory actions by a band of criminals who have made their way into the Western corridors of power via the two 20th century world wars, are hardening the resolve of the people throughout the world of Islam and in the greater circle of the 120 countries of the Non-aligned Movement.”

The unilateral Western sanctions against Iran and the threats of a Washington-backed war against Syria based on fantasies sold to the gullible Western public attempt to hide the overriding factor in all of the recent events: the black hand of the burgeoning international criminal gangs operating under the auspices of the Western military industrial complex out to take over the resources and geostrategic positions of both countries under assault.

The inroads made by organized crime into every aspect of the US military and “intelligence community” is no secret to a handful of American activists currently fighting the status quo in the US. For corporate America the entry of criminals has led to the kind of financial windfalls only dreamt of prior to the Vietnam War. The faux conspiracy theorists continue to mention the CIA as the party responsible for the assassination of John F Kennedy in order to muddy the waters further and keep the public from the facts associated with an act that effectively led to the Vietnam War, the slaughter of 3 million Vietnamese and the deaths of nearly 60,000 US troops on the battlefields of the southeast Asian country.

But much of the evidence provided on the assassination of JFK actually points to the involvement of organized crime in the killing that is universally believed to have denied an entire nation its best hope of political salvation.

Citing the latest reports by the US intelligence agencies on Iran during the recent US Vice-presidential debate, Joe Biden successfully portrayed Paul Ryan as leaning toward taking the US into another conflict, one that Americans did not want. He said “Facts matter” while lecturing Ryan on the details of Iran’s nuclear program. He clarified a crucial issue, saying in no uncertain terms that there was no truth to the Israeli-generated claims of an Iranian nuclear weapons’ program and that Washington would know the moment such a delusional claim began to make its way to the realms of reality.

Electioneering or not, Joe Biden’s stance on Iran leads to more questions. One such question would be, if the Obama administration is aware of the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities, why does it insist on attempting to make Iranian civilians’ lives a misery via illegal sanctions? The duality in the Vice President’s words and the practices of the Obama administration has given rise to the belief that Biden’s stout opposition to military action against Iran had more to do with the upcoming presidential election thereby bleeding his argument of credibility during the debate.

The bottom line is that Washington is either aware of a military dimension to Iran’s nuclear energy program or it is confident that such claims are just “a bunch of stuff” generated by the Israelis and their minions in AIPAC. Biden made quite clear that the latter scenario rang true, which brings us again to the point: In this case why are the US and its European allies adopting illegal draconian sanctions on Iran?

If the case does not exist for sanctions why are unilateral sanctions being imposed?
The awakened US public agrees that in their long stupor, criminal elements have found their way into every nook and cranny of the US military, intelligence services and government. The public also believes -and rightly so- that the bloody goings-on in Syria are a prelude to a much bigger takeover of resources attempt on the Middle East region.

The strange thing is that nobody in the camp opposed to the Western sponsorship of terrorists fighting the government in Syria is willing to concede that there’s no opposition in the country. A professor from the University of Aleppo recently told Al Jazeera that the real opposition to President Assad’s policies believed that a series of reforms and dialogue would solve any outstanding political issues in Syria. The short interview did not receive a rerun on the Qatar-based network. Furthermore a recent BBC report on Syria readily admitted that the failure of the so called rebels to make any headway against Damascus was to do with the fact that the Syrian public was not behind the armed opposition.

However if anyone cares enough to scratch the surface and talk to the true political opposition inside Syria via social media sites, he or she would soon know that the opposition is perhaps the leading force against civil conflict in the country. So who are these so-called rebels busy slitting people’s throats, gutting and hanging children from the Alawite community and blowing civilians up for the camera?

The answer may be in the recent forcing down of a Syrian airliner in Turkey. The corporate media immediately went on the offensive that the plane carried military equipment for the Syrian government in order to justify what amounts to air piracy in international law. But why is it -we should ask again- that the billions of dollars’ worth of military hardware being sent to the armed gangs in Syria by the West and its Arab allies in the region do not even receive a mention by the corporate media?

Unsavory actions by a band of criminals who have made their way into the Western corridors of power via the two 20th century world wars, are hardening the resolve of the people throughout the world of Islam and in the greater circle of the 120 countries of the Non-aligned Movement.

The final wakeup call is being sounded to the good people in the West to take action to free all -including themselves- from the clutches of a group famously branded as “reptilians” by David Icke.


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