It’s time Christians in Africa wake up to reality of Israeli apartheid in Palestine

I was utterly surprised to see a statement recently from the former Nigerian Minister of Aviation Femi Fani Kayode in which he called on the racist apartheid Israeli regime to stop the mass killings in Gaza.

We have known Kayode as a strong supporter of the child-murdering Zionist regime in Nigeria as the overwhelming majority of Christians in the African country have been brainwashed since childhood with the fraudulent historical fraud that Jews are “the chosen people of God”.

This fraudulent narrative is taught in all the Churches of Nigeria. I have clashed several times with this former minister due to his fanatical support for the Israeli regime.

At the outset of the historic and heroic #AlAqsaStormOperation by the brave Palestinian resistance on October 7, I again clashed with him for his unflinching support of the regime in Tel Aviv.

Historically, before the Second World War, the Christians of Europe hated Jews with conviction and Hitler’s army which was wholly a Christian army slaughtered 6 million Jews, according to their version.

And if we go back in time to 1096 AD, the Crusader Christian army from Europe seized Jerusalem and massacred Jews because according to them it was Jews that persecuted and killed Jesus (as).

Then it was Muslims that saved the persecuted Jews from the swords of the Christian army.

Unfortunately, Christians are among the biggest supporters of that racist apartheid Israeli regime today. Without the massive Christian support, the Zionist regime would not exist.

Even though the Israeli regime bombed the third oldest Church in the world in northern Gaza, bombed a hospital run by a Christian organization, and also murdered dozens of Christian civilians, Christian-majority countries continued to be indifferent and reluctant to condemn the regime.

With my knowledge of Jesus (as) and Christianity, I don’t think he will ever accept the brutal murder of even one child. The Israeli regime has murdered more than 8,000 civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip since October 7, which includes more than 4,000 innocent children and infants.

Christians in many countries, especially in Africa, celebrate when Jewish extremists go on the rampage and kill both Palestinian Muslims and Christians. Is this not a fundamental contradiction?

In Nigeria, the overwhelming majority of Christians support the Israeli regime, which is very unfortunate. It is the same in Kenya, Zimbabwe and other African countries, except South Africa.

South African Christians don’t support the Israeli regime for two key reasons.

Israel was the closest ally of the then-racist apartheid South African regime that persecuted the majority Black population. Israel taught White supremacists torture methods they used against Black activists.

The second reason is that Blacks of South Africa physically experienced the racist apartheid system that is presently practiced in occupied Palestine.

In fact, some South African activists, including the grandson of Nelson Mandela, have clearly stated that the apartheid system in Palestine is worse than what they experienced in their own country.

Hence, it is not accidental that the South African government is today at the forefront of the #FreePalestine struggle on the African continent.

Based on my knowledge of religion and monotheism, good people on the path of truth and righteousness don’t kill children as children are considered innocent and harmless.

And good people don’t support the killers of children. The Western-backed Israeli regime in its present aggression on Gaza has attacked, bombed and destroyed mosques, churches, hospitals, markets and residential houses, killing more than 8,000 Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

How can the so-called “chosen people of God” perpetrate such heinous crimes against humanity?

In recent weeks, we have witnessed massive and unprecedented protest rallies in London, Washington, Paris and other European cities, which shows that people are finally waking up, including Christians in the West.

People in Western countries have begun to understand that Israel is a settler colonial project of Western hegemony as confessed by Joe Biden, the current US President, in 1986 in a viral video.

This settler colony project of the Western hegemony in occupied Palestine is losing support worldwide, and it is high time Christians in African countries also wake up to this undeniable fact.

The ongoing genocidal massacres and barbarism of the Israeli child killers in the Gaza Strip have unmasked the true character and conduct of the racist Zionists occupying Palestine.

Some of them are even calling for a nuclear attack on the besieged Gaza Strip. It’s time people of the world call for the dismantling of this racist apartheid entity that is occupying Palestine.

We hope to see an independent Palestinian state where Muslims, Christians and Jews live together.

by: Harun Elbinawi
He is a Nigerian political and public affairs analyst.


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