Hazrat Al-Abbass symbol of courage, loyalty, sacrifice

Shia Muslims and lovers of Holy Ahlul Bayt across the world are celebrating the auspicious birth anniversary of Hazrat Abul Fazl Al-Abbas (AS) who is considered as the symbol of courage, love, loyalty, and self-sacrifice.

Hazrat Abul Fazl Al-Abbas (AS), the brave and valiant standard bearer of Imam Husain’s army in the historical Battle of Karbala who sacrificed his life to safeguard Islam was born in the holy city of Madinah on the 4th day of the month of Shaban in the year 26 Hijrah.

He was the son of the first Shia Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib and Fatimah bint Hizam.

His mother was the virtuous lady Omm al-Baneen Fatima bint Hizam of the al-Kilabiyya clan noted for its courage and bravery. Imam Ali (AS) married her several years after the passing away of his beloved wife, Hazrat Fatema Zahra (SA) the daughter of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Hazrat Abbas (AS), who was over two decades younger than his older brothers, the Prophet’s grandsons, Imam Hasan (AS) and Imam Husain (AS), was very much attached to them since childhood. He never called them brothers out of respect for their immaculate lineage but would refer to them as Lords and Masters.

Hazrat Al-Abbas in battle of Karbala

In the battle of Karbala, he was like a shadow beside Imam Husain (AS), and while trying to fetch water for the thirsty camp of the Imam, he sacrificed his life, by first losing both his hands, but never tasted a drop of water even when he succeeded in reaching the bank of the River Euphrates.

Guarding the Imam, protecting the tents of the womenfolk of the Prophet’s household, caring for the children, and making a sacrifice to bring water to the thirsty camp of Imam Hussein (PBUH) were among the most beautiful and apical manifestations of his life in Karbala.

His shrine to this day stands as a sentinel to the shrine of Imam Husain (AS), with pilgrims from all over the world seeking his intercession with God Almighty by addressing him as “Bab al-Murad” or the Gateway of Needs.

Hazrat Al-Abbass magnificent figure for Shia Muslims

Abbas is regarded by the Shia as an ultimate paragon of courage, chivalry, love, sincerity, and self-sacrifice. Hazrat Al-Abbass also possesses a very great position in Islam.

The Shia make the supplication of tawassul to Abbas, thus requesting him to join his prayers to them.

Tawassul is one of the beliefs of Shi’a and most Muslims which means to resort to someone or something with a high position as an intermediary before God in order to become closer to Him so that He may fulfill one’s requests.

As such, Abbas is associated with the Shia with the alleviation of grief and suffering. Serious oaths are made in his name, and the Shia distribute food for charity as part of vows made in the name of Abbas.

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