Yemen Presents Challenge to US Hegemony, Strategies in Middle East

In a speech on the occasion of Sarkha anniversary, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi mentioned again the conditions for accepting any negotiations with the countries of aggression, which are stopping the aggression, lifting the siege and ending the occupation.

They are the right and legitimate demands of the Yemeni people, because these conditions determine the future of war and negotiations. After accepting these three conditions, it is able to initiate comprehensive negotiations to find a solution to the crisis, unless the Yemenis are ready and prepared for an eternal war.

However, giving up even one inch of Yemen land, this is within the framework of the impossible, and the war will continue until the last occupier exits from the north and south of Yemen.

With a deep review of the previous negotiations and their multiple rounds, the political observer notes that the forces of aggression did not make any concessions to stop the war and start achieving a lasting and sustainable peace. But rather they want concessions that are similar to unconditional surrender, and this is impossible. So there was no one option for Yemeni people but the resistance and supplying the fronts with money and weapons; To confront a fierce enemy that came to occupy, rip, kill and loot, amid the whole world’s silence.

Today’s world is the world in which the United States of America determines for the countries of the world how to conduct their affairs according to its interests and directives. The US with its policies has tamed many nations, and destroyed the moral principles that many peoples were proud of and acted according to.

Today, what governs the world are the ethics and principles of US globalization, which do not consider the right and do not support a just cause and do not recognize lofty values, principles and morals. Nothing works with such a life except rejecting and confronting it and arming with more high principles and ethics to confront the corruption that the US has circulated in the world.

Yemen’s revolutionary leadership realized from an early age the goals and dimensions of the US colonial policy in its war on Yemen, and the functional role played by Saudi Arabia and the Emirates to implement US policy in the region, as they, along with the Zionist enemy, Britain, and the rest of Western Europe to achieve their malicious aims in the Middle East.

This asserted that the US-European strategy in the Middle East was aborted by the Axis of Resistance, which stood as an impenetrable dam that thwarted all its attempts to control the region, plunder its wealth and control its distinguished geopolitical position. They forced the US and its allies to review their policy after the catastrophic failure that befell them out.

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