Jibrael’s cry over the martyrdom of Amir al-mu’minin

Hazrat Ali (as) was the guest of his daughter Umm Kulthum (as) on the night of the 19th of Ramadan. His condition was so strange that even Umm Kulthum was astonished.

It is narrated that Amir al-mu’minin used to stay awake that night and used to go out of the room several times and say: I swear by God I do not lie and I have not been lied to. This is the night in which martyrdom is promised to me. (1)

At last, the Amir al-mu’minin entered the Grand Mosque of Kufa for the Fajr prayer and woke the sleeping people for the prayer. Among them was Abdul Rehman bin Muljam Muradi, the most stubborn member of this ummah, who was sleeping upside down and was awakened by Imam Ali A.S

When Imam Ali A.S was engaged in prayer and when he raised his head from the first prostration of the first rak’ah, another terrorist companion of Ibn Muljam “Shabib bin Bajra Ashja’i” wanted to hit his head with a sword but his sword was hited on mehrab’s side and Ibn Muljam shouted and struck the second blow on the head of Imam which hit his forehead and he (AS) was heavily injured.

The sword hited the Amir al-mu’minin exactly where he had been wounded by “Amr ibn Abdawad” in the battle of “Khandaq”.

Hazrat Amir al-mu’minin Ali (peace be upon him) said:
”بسم الله و بالله و علی ملْة رسول الله فزت و ربّ الکعبه”

People were shouting to catch the killers. Voices were raised, some people ran towards the mehrab And some went out of the mosque to catch ‘Abd al-Rahman and Shabib. Imam Ali A.S fell to the ground in the mehrab of the mosque while he was picking up the soil of the mehrab in order to put it on his forehead reciting this verse:

“منها خلقناکم و فیها نعیدکم و منها نخرجکم تارة اخری”

“We created you from soil, and We will return you to soil, and We will bring you out of soil again”. (3)

After this he A.S said that ” The command of God came, the messenger of God S.A.W.W said the truth, he S.A.W.W promised this (martyrdom) to me and so the God and his messenger S.A.W.W kept their promises”.

When the Commander of the Faithful was wounded, the earth vibrate, the seas became stormy, and the heavens shrink.The doors of the mosque slammed shut, the black winds blew, which made the world tremble. And the cry of Jibrael spread over the skies and the earth, and everyone heard Jibrael saying:

“تهدمت و الله اركان الهدی، و انطمست أعلام التّقی، و انفصمت العروة الوثقی، قُتل ابن عمّ المصطفی، قُتل الوصی المجتبی، قُتل علی المرتضی، قَتَله أشقی الْأشقیاء”

By God, the pillar of guidance is broken, The lights of prophethood have been extinguished and darkened, And the signs of piety were erased, And Urwat al-Wathqa was cut off, The cousin of Prophet S.A.W.W has been killed, The most eminent trustee (Sayyid al-Awsiya) was killed, Ali Murtaza was killed killed by the most stubborn (and the most unfortunate of the Shaqis) (Abdul Rahman Ibn Muljam Muradi). (4)

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2-Bihar ul Anwar, ch#2, P#281
3-Surah Taha, verse#55
4-Muntah Al Amal, ch#1, P#174

Translation : Muhammad Saleh Bahashti


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