Rulers imposed by US are afraid of elections, Allama Raja Nasir Abbas

Shiite News: Under the auspices of “Warisan Shohada Committee” Shikarpur the eighth anniversary of Shikarpur Martyrs, a grand gathering was held in Lakhider Chowk Shikarpur.

Allama Maqsood Ali Domki, Central Secretary Organization and Chairman Committee, ISO Central President Brother Hasan Arif, Asgharia Organization Pakistan Central President Brother Musawar Mehdi, Zakir Ahle Bait Syed Tauqir Abbas Shah and others spoke.

Addressing the commemoration of Shikarpur Martyrs, Quaid Wahdat Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari said that the legacy of the martyrs means that we are brave, wise and sensible, present in the field with a good strategy.

Stand with the truth and against falsehood. Now the enemy is attacking Pakistan. The enemy wants to divide the Islamic countries.

They want to make small countries like Kuwait, weak countries that remain slaves of America. In Pakistan, these cowardly rulers have been forcibly imposed on the people, they do not take mandate from the people, these rulers are strangers in this nation, they do not have the mandate of the nation, they are usurpers, they have come from the blessings of the Americans.

He said that the inflation bomb continually falling on the people, we are the victims of terrorism, these murderers and cruel rulers are imposed on us.

These rulers are afraid of elections. The Peshawar bomb blast is condemnable. The nation should be told who raised the terrorists and who trained them.

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