Killer of Muslims Muhammad bin Salman visiting Pakistan

Shiite News: The murderer of thousands of innocent Muslims, Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) will visit Pakistan this month.

According to diplomatic sources, Muhammad bin Salman is expected to visit Pakistan in the third week of November and he is likely to visit Pakistan on November 21.

Diplomatic sources said that at the end of this week, the Saudi special security team will arrive in Pakistan and will take a final look at the security arrangements.

Diplomatic sources said that Pakistan is expected to receive an additional bailout package of $4.2 billion during the Crown Prince’s visit, while Saudi investment in Pakistan is expected during the visit and the finalization of several Pak-Saudi petroleum agreements. .

According to diplomatic sources, an agreement on the establishment of an oil refinery in the petroleum sector is also expected from Saudi Arabia.

Diplomatic sources say that Saudi Arabia will help in the establishment of a modern oil refinery in Gwadar investing 10 billion dollars in Gwadar.

Saudi Arabia will cooperate with China for the refinery and Chinese companies will initially operate the refinery after the completion of the project.

According to diplomatic sources, further deterioration in the uncertain political situation may hamper the Saudi Crown Prince’s visit.

It should be noted that Muhammad bin Salman is directly involved in the massacre of thousands of innocent Muslims, on his orders, thousands of Yemeni innocent Muslims have been martyred in brutal bombings, and thousands of Shia citizens were killed by funding Takfiri terrorist organizations in Pakistan.

Not only this, hundreds of anti-government citizens have been brutally martyred in Saudi Arabia itself.

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