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Whole Village in France Converted to Shia Islam

He (Muhammad) continued to say that his villages in France has converted to Islam and followed the creed of Ahl…

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Al-Azhar University at the Crossroads

The grand structure of the thousand-year old al-Azhar University and Mosque stands majestically across the Nile River in the Egyptian…

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Azerbaijan Stops Demolishing of Shia Masjids After Warning of Shia Leaders

The construction of “Fatima-Zehra(sa)” mosque will be completed, spokesperson for the Caucasian Muslims Office Rahima Dadashova told reporters. Azerbaijani President…

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Majalis-e-Aza on martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima (SA) being held across the world

In condolence to our savior and religious patron Sayyeda Fatimah (SA) daughter of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) Majalis-e-Aza (congregations) are…

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Algeria fears of spreading Shiism

A number of Arab dailies reported that Algeria fears spread of Shiism quoting a newspaper Al-Charooq Al-Jazaeriyah which wrote an…

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Extremists Wahhabis influenced by al-Qaeda are taking a hold in Ireland and some of these young adults are becoming influential…

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‘US might manipulate Iraq election results’

A member of Iraq’s National Alliance (INA) has warned that the US is possibly attempting to manipulate the results of…

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Muslim Unity Week in Nigeria, Oraganized by Islamic Movemnent

The annual Unity Week lecture starts on Friday the 12th of R/Awwal 1431 (26/2/2010). Unity week was set by the…

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Chalabi: US interfering in Iraq elections

Head of Iraq’s Accountability and Justice Commission says the US interferes in the war-torn country’s electoral process.  Ahmed Chalabi has…

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On the day of prophet Mohammad martyrdom: Muslims rally in Norway against Prophet’s caricatures in Norwegian daily

About 3,000 people have marched through downtown Oslo in protest of the printing of a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad…

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