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Saudis slam crown prince, call for his ouster, after major Yemeni military operation

Saudi Arabia’s embattled Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the architect of the war on Yemen, has come under fire at…

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Saudis voice anger over aberrant dance party, restriction on loudspeaker use by mosques

Videos of a dance party organized by social media celebrities in Saudi Arabia have sparked controversy online only days after…

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Saudis, UAE entrenching hold on Yemen’s strategic parts

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are quietly consolidating their foothold in Yemen by setting up bases in…

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Saudi Arabia releases Lebanese singer after weeks in captivity over Hezbollah support

Saudi Arabian authorities have released a prominent Lebanese singer and composer, who is known for his political opinions in support…

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Saudi media outlets acting as Israeli propaganda platforms

Last year, during the holy month of Ramadan, in an unprecedented, move Saudi Arabia aired a TV series called “Um…

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Saudi Arabia refuses to allow Israeli flight to use airspace

An Israeli carrier was forced on Tuesday to cancel a flight to Dubai after failure to obtain Saudi permission to…

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Rights groups urge Google to jettison Saudi cloud plans

Dozens of human rights groups, including several internationally prominent ones, urge Google to abandon its plans to set up a…

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Saudi Arabia sets conditions for this year’s Hajj rites, rituals

Saudi Arabian authorities expounded terms and conditions on Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in the current year in 2021, stating that…

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Saudi removes “Muslims only” signs from highway to Madinah

Saudi Arabian authorities appeared to have replaced the “Muslims only” phrase from traffic signs leading to the Prophet’s Mosque in…

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Saudi aggression on Yemen serves Israeli interests: Islamic Jihad

In a meeting with the Yemeni ambassador to Damascus, the representative of Islamic Jihad stressed that the aggression of the…

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