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Saudi-led coalition launches 39 airstrikes on Ma’rib

The Saudi-led war coalition has launched dozens of air raids on separate areas of Yemen’s Ma’rib Province as the Yemeni…

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Flights suspended at Saudi Abha Airport due to drone attack

According to the latest reports, flights at Abha International Airport in southern Saudi Arabia have been suspended following a drone…

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Saudi officials extend prison sentence given to senior human rights activist: NGO

Saudi authorities have reportedly extended the prison sentence handed down to a prominent human rights activist and political dissident as…

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S. Arabia, Russia sign deal to develop joint military coop.

Saudi Arabia and Russia on Monday signed an agreement to develop joint military cooperation between the two countries, local media…

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Saudi coalition claims intercepting bomb-laden Yemeni drone

On Sunday evening, Saudi media confirmed the Yemeni army’s drone attack against southwestern Saudi Arabia, claiming that it had been…

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Night of Ashura at Imam al-Hussain Hussainiya of al-Qalah, Qatif

Night of Ashura at Imam al-Hussain Hussainiya of al-Qalah, Qatif Night of Ashura at Imam al-Hussain Hussainiya of al-Qalah, Qatif,…

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Saudi Arabia 1st to recognize renewal of Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan?

Saudi Arabia is reportedly to recognize renewal of the Taliban’s rule over Afghanistan as the militant group’s flash takeover of…

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‘Killing civilians’: US activists protest arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Israel

A number of activists in the US state of Rhode Island on Thursday blocked the entrance to a major American…

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Whistleblower website sheds light on bin Salman’s latest purge

A whistleblower website says the most recent purge ordered by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman actually centered on those…

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Saudi Arabia’s bin Salman orders arrest of 207 rivals, dissenters

In his latest sweeping crackdown on political dissent, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has ordered the arrest of…

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