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UNESCO confirms Israel delegation attendance at Riyadh conference

UNESCO, on Tuesday, confirmed reports of an Israeli diplomatic delegation attending its conference, an unprecedented piece of news as the…

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Guardian: Australia’s Rise in Military Export Approvals to Saudi Arabia Labelled ‘Disturbing’

It confirmed that Australian government continues to maintain significant secrecy over the type and value of weapons and military technology…

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X accused of complicity in Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses

A revised civil US lawsuit has accused the X social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, of helping Saudi Arabia…

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Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: Saudis will not gain anything from the deal to normalize relations with Israel

“Saudi Arabia will not gain anything from the deal to normalize relations with Israel, even irreparable damage may be done…

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US, Germany involved in training Saudi forces accused of carnage at Yemen border: Report

American and German military advisors have reportedly trained Saudi soldiers accused of targeting civilians and carrying out “deliberate mass killings”…

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Saudi Arabia Sentences Man to Death for Criticizing Government on Social Media

Human Rights Watch condemned, Tuesday, the repressive campaign launched by the Saudi regime against freedom of speech, which was recently…

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Saudi Arabia considering Chinese bid to build nuclear plant

Saudi Arabia is considering a Chinese bid to build a nuclear power plant in the kingdom amid frustration over the…

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Saudi cabinet says eager to ties with Iran

The Minister Board of Saudi Arabia says Riyadh is seeking to begin a new era of relations with the Islamic…

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Iran FM holds ‘important’ talks on first visit to Saudi Arabia in years

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says he held “fruitful and important talks” in Riyadh Thursday, marking the first trip to…

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Iran, Saudi military officials meet for 1st time

Iran and Saudi Arabian military officials have met for the first time since a China-brokered détente enabled the resumption of…

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