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Israeli warplanes kill 3 Palestinians

A fresh Israeli airstrike on Rafah in the besieged Gaza Strip has killed at least three Palestinians, bringing the death…

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Gazan killed in Israeli tank shelling

Another Palestinian has been killed after Israeli tanks pounded the Gaza Strip in a fresh round of attacks against Gazans,…

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Israel kidnapped over 440 Palestinians last month

The Palestinian ministry of prisoners’ affairs said it documented more than 690 raids carried out last March by the Israeli…

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Hamas leader Khaled Mishal criticizes Sheikh Qaradawi remarks against Syrian Government

Hamas Damascus-based leader Khaled Mashal on Sunday criticized recent remarks by Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi on the situation in Syria. Several…

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Israeli attack kills 10 Palestinians

At least 10 Palestinians, including four children, have been killed and dozens injured after an Israeli tank fired shots at…

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alestinians call for ‘third Intifada’

Thousands of Palestinians around the globe have endorsed an online campaign, calling for a ‘third Intifada’ against Israel in order…

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Israel kidnaps Palestinian from Ukraine

Wife of a Palestinian engineer says Israeli spy service, Mossad, has kidnapped her husband three weeks ago from a Ukrainian…

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Palestinian factions meet to heal rifts

The representatives of various Palestinian factions have held a meeting in the Gaza Strip to end the political divisions and…

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Egyptians marching to Gaza border

Hundreds of Egyptians are marching to the country’s border with the Gaza Strip to demand that it be opened.They are…

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US Palestinians give ‘pink slip’ to PA

Members of a Palestinian community in the US have held protests in Washington, calling for the termination of the Palestinian…

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