Middle East

Terrorists shell northwestern Syria 3 times

Al-Nusra Front terrorists have shelled areas in Syria during the past day, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria announced. The…

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Turkey renews attacks on Raqqa countryside in Syria

Syrian sources reported Friday that Turkish forces launched airstrikes on northern areas of Raqqa city in Syria. “The Turkish occupation…

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US military base in eastern Syria comes again under attack

On Thursday evening, news sources announced new attacks on US soldiers in eastern Syria. Sabreen News channel reported that during…

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Syrian air defenses repel Israeli attack over Tartus, Hama

Syria’s air defenses have repelled yet another Israeli act of aggression targeting the Arab country’s western areas. The Israeli aerial…

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Turkish attack on N Syria leaves 11killed, injured

Syrian sources reported that 11 people were killed and injured in a Turkish drone attack on the northern of the…

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Egypt hosts war games with US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Greece

Special forces from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Greece, and Cyprus launched joint military exercises on Sunday,…

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Turkey’s Erdogan: US still feeding terrorism in Syria, Iraq

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that the United States continues to support terrorism inside Syria and Iraq, blaming the…

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Turkey& Israel to restore full diplomatic ties

Turkey and Israel have agreed to restore full diplomatic ties and will return ambassadors to to Ankara and Tel Aviv…

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Kuwaitis endorse boycott of Israel, reject normalization of ties: Poll

A recent opinion poll has shown that most Kuwaitis support boycott of Israel and reject a normalization of relations with…

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Drone Attack Targets US Base in Syria’s Tanf

An attack with drones hit a compound run by US occupation troops in eastern Syria on Monday, the US military…

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