Iraq may buy S-300 air defense systems from Russia, senior MP says

A senior Iraqi legislator says Baghdad intends to purchase Russian-built S-300 missile defense systems from Moscow to enhance capabilities of…

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Iraq Hashd al-Sha’abi forces kill 2 ISIL elements in Tarmiyah

Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Unit, also known as Hashd al-Sha’abi, forces in a surprising attack killed two ISIL Takfiri elements in…

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Despite Pandemic, Arbaeen Pilgrims in Karbala Outnumber 17 Million

The head of the Development Department at Imam Abbas (P) Holy Shrine . Muhammad Hassan, announced that 17 million Muslim…

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Holy Karbala Hosts Over 14 Million Arbaeen Pilgrims

The number of Arbaeen pilgrims, who have flocked into the Holy City of Karbala in Iraqi, has so far surpassed…

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Arba’een; biggest protest against human rights violations: Iraqi PM

The Iraqi Prime Minister called the Arbaeen March the most significant protest against human rights violations. Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa…

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Muslims around world mark Arba’een

Muslims marked Arba’een, the 40th day that followed the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shia…

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Iraq issues arrest warrants for supporters of Israel ties

The Iraqi judiciary on Sunday issued arrest warrants for participants in a conference in Erbil that called for normalising relations…

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Millions of Muslim Pilgrims Flocking into Holy City of Karbala to Mark Arbaen

Millions of Muslim pilgrims are flocking into the Holy City of Karbala from the Iraqi cities as well as foreign…

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Presence of Ayatollah Bashir Najafi in Arbaeen pilgrims walk

The Grand Ayatollah Bashir Najafi today (Friday) was among the pilgrims who are walking towards Karbala to participate in the…

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Iraq underlines role played by its neighbors in defeating Daesh

Addressing the UN General Assembly, Iraqi President Barham Salih underlines the role that has been played by the country’s neighbors…

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