Iraqi security forces thwart attack on oil well in Kirkuk

An Iraqi security source announced on Sunday that the plot to blow up an oil well in northwestern Kirkuk was…

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Two shepherds killed by ISIL Takfiri terrorists in W Iraq

An Iraqi security source on Saturday reported that two shepherds have been killed by ISIL Takfiri terrorists in western Iraq,…

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Armed drone targets Ain al-Asad military base housing US forces in western Iraq

An air base in Iraq’s western province of Anbar housing American troops has come under attack, damaging a hangar for…

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Iraqi Army kills three ISIL Takfiri leaders in Baghdad

Iraqi army forces killed three leaders of ISIL Takfiri terrorists during separate operations in southern axis of the capital Baghdad.…

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Attack on US military vehicles on Iraq-Kuwait border

A number of US military vehicles were attacked by the Iraqi resistance group at the Jarishan border crossing on the…

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Baghdad hosted Iran-Saudi talks more than once: Iraqi president

Iraqi President Barham Salih praised Iran’s outstanding and prominent role in the fight against ISIL terrorist group in Iraq. Speaking…

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ISIL terrorists blow up two oil wells in Iraq’s Kirkuk

On Wednesday ISIL terrorists elements detonated bombs near two oil wells in Iraq’s Kirkuk province. The attacks took place in…

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ISIL postman arrested by Iraqi intelligence forces in Kirkuk

Officers from the National Intelligence and Investigation Agency under the Iraqi Ministry of Interior have arrested the leader of one…

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US-run Ain al-Assad Airbase in Iraq comes under rocket attack

A rocket attack has hit the Ain al-Assad Airbase hosting US troops in the western Iraqi province of al-Anbar, the…

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Iraq: Missile Strikes Targeting Balad Air Base, Housing US Troops

Iraqi sources announced that at least 3 missiles had landed in Iraqi Balad air base, which is hosting American occupation…

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