Kashmiri official: Imam Khomeini exemplifies greatness of religious authority

A member of Majlis Ulma-E-Imamia Jammu & Kashmir, in an interview with Iran press called Imam Khomeini a philosopher and…

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Imam Khomeini’s thoughts; Key to revival of Islam

The head of Afghanistan’s Shia Ulema Council said that Islamic nations have taken firm steps towards the revival of Islam…

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G20 Summit and Dark face of Indian oppression

Since the division of Indian Sub-continent in 1947, when the British granted independence to the two states, India and Pakistan,…

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Amid water dispute, Afghan govt. says committed to further cooperation with Iran

The ruling Taliban government in Afghanistan has expressed its commitment to further cooperation with Tehran in different fields amid a…

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China urges NATO to reflect on its1999 ‘barbaric’ bombing of Chinese embassy in Belgrade

China’s Foreign Ministry has called on the US-led NATO military alliance to reflect on its “barbaric crime” of bombing the…

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Indians Jailed for Spying on Qatar for Israel: Reports

Eight Indian nationals have been imprisoned in Qatar for months for spying on a submarine programme on behalf of Israel…

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Afghan women protesters urge against foreign recognition of Taliban

-A group of Afghan women protested in Kabul to urge foreign nations not to formally recognize the Taliban government ahead…

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China resumes construction of military base in UAE, defying US objections

China has resumed construction work on a military base in the United Arab Emirates in defiance of displeasure by the…

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Taliban reject UNSC resolution against curbs on Afghan woman

The Taliban welcomed a recent resolution by the UN Security Council that acknowledged Afghanistan faces multifaceted challenges.But call the ban…

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China successfully conducts land-based, mid-course anti ballistic missile

China’s Ministry of National Defense announced on Friday that it had successfully tested a “land-based intermediate-range anti-ballistic missile”. China successfully…

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