Social And Political Life of Imam Sajjad (AS)

The fourth Shia Imam is Sajjad (AS), the son of Imam Hussain (AS). He was born in 657 AD and…

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Muharram mourning in Azerbaijan under govt. religious restrictions

A country with the second biggest Shiite population relative to its total population, Azerbaijan in the month of Muharram takes…

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How Israeli products finding their way to Arab shelves?

While in recent years some Persian Gulf Arab states moved towards normalization with the Israeli regime and day by day…

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Attack on Ukraine, Russia’s escape from a bigger war

All independent units are subject to a constant dilemma in their foreign relations. They should be either watching the situation…

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Biden’s Mideast tour puts American impotence on display

What happens when you take a dysfunctional president, fly him oversees to meet with the dysfunctional government of a dysfunctional…

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Joe Biden’s much-hyped visit to Saudi Arabia doomed to fail

Ahead of his much-hyped visit to Saudi Arabia, the country he once vowed to make “the pariah they are”, US…

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Philosophy of Hajj

One of the twelve Furu’ad-din (ancillaries of the religion) or in other words the practical principles of Islam is Hajj…

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Good Muslim vs. bad Muslim

One of the main frameworks used to discipline Muslims in contemporary times is good vs bad Muslim binary. This discourse…

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Talks with TTP

Peace talks with the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorist group were controversial to begin with, and the new government is not…

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From Operation Fly Formula to Biden’s popularity plunge: Welcome to US 2022

“Operation Fly Formula” may sound odd to you, but it is actually the name picked by US President Joe Biden…

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