The failure of Zionist ‘normalization’

The inauguration of the Israeli embassy in Bahrain and the celebration of Israeli apartheid at the Expo 2020 in Dubai…

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Nothing Normal About Normalization

Israeli NSO’s Pegasus spyware hits headlines yet again, however this time, used by Bahrain to spy on human rights activists.…

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“Normalization”: Betrayal of Palestine by Arab despots no easy road

Pinning Palestinians down while applying harsh measures of violent repression accompanied by a fanatical settler movement of arch-racists given free…

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Iran & the Taliban’s Afghanistan: Will they share — or fight over — water?

Over the past several weeks, the world watched as the Taliban bounced back to power in Afghanistan, effectively nulling the…

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Arbaeen Walk: a life-changing journey of love

Millions of ardent lovers, in a demonstration of unfathomable love and devotion for their beloved, walk seamlessly and untiringly from…

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Lessons From Arbaeen Walk

Indeed, there are so many lessons and values to be learnt from Arbaeen Walk in which people from all over…

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Iranian fuel delivery to Lebanon disrupts US hegemony in Western Asia

Amidst Lebanon’s grave crisis, the resistance movement Hezbollah has facilitated the import of tons of fuel from Iran. Confronting the…

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Israel’s nuclear program, not Iran’s, is the problem

It is remarkable when you think about it: the grotesque hypocrisy of the West, and the US in particular, when…

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How post-9/11 US ‘war on terror’ spawned terrorism

The nasty, brutish, and long-drawn-out American war on terror, that began in the wake of the 9/11 attacks 20 years…

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Palestinian prisoners’ liberation shows fragility of colonial regime

Six Palestinian political prisoners escaped from a high-security prison operated by the Israeli regime. Despite a meticulously organized network of…

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