Who’s behind alleged war crimes in Ukriane?

It comes into the category of ‘stating the obvious’ that all sides commit atrocities in war – especially in the…

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Al-Sadr’s New Demands In the Name of Nation, in the Interests of the US

Over six months after the parliamentary elections in Iraq, the country still struggles to form its new government. The Enqad…

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‘Reverse Swing’: Imran Khan outsmarts US ‘regime change’ plotters

When the leader of a third-world country openly and defiantly proclaims his nation’s sovereignty and refuses to buckle under the…

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Effects of Martyrdom Operations on Security Situation of Israeli Regime

On the eve of the holy month of Ramadan, combat against the Israeli regime in the depths of the occupied…

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Significance of Ramadhan according to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Every year the Month of Ramadhan comes and goes; every year we fast, yet without proper appreciation of the potentials…

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Tel Aviv’s Six Party Meeting; Goals, Topics

The foreign ministers of Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco attended a meeting on March 27, 2022 attended by Israeli…

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Flood of Ukrainian refugees: Shadow of ‘crisis of century’ over EU

Since February 24, when Russia launched the invasion of Ukraine after provocations by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the…

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Imam al-Mahdi (A.J) and his global government

The twelfth Imam is the Mahdi. He was born in 868 AD in Samarra. His real name is Muhammad and…

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Islamophobia didn’t interest French voters – war hysteria will?

France’s largest newspaper, France-Ouest, knows that Western polls have been so discredited – by inaccuracy, and by the revolving door…

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Women: The historical leaders of the fight against arrogance and oppression

As the world marks International Working Women’s Day on March 8, the world recognizes the social, economic, and cultural contributions…

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