Yemenis continue anti-regime protests

Yemeni anti-government demonstrators continue protests across the Middle Eastern country to achieve what they describe as the goals of their revolution.

The protesters staged demonstrations in the capital Sana’a on Wednesday while a funeral procession was held for Yemen’s Chairman of

the Shura Council Abdul aziz Abdul ghani, a Press TV correspondent reported. 

Abdulghani died on Monday as a result of injuries he sustained during a rocket attack on the presidential palace in June. 

The demonstrators gathered at the Tagheer (Change) Square in the capital to express their determination to continue protests and demand the ouster of the remnants of the regime. 

Meanwhile, violent clashes between government forces and armed groups, believed to be members of al-Qaeda, in the southern province of Abyan on Wednesday killed at least 13 soldiers and 35 armed men. 

In the southwestern Yemeni city of Taizz, opposition tribesmen continue fighting with Republican Guard forces loyal to Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh. 

“The opposition has been encouraged by what is going on in Libya and they think they have exploited all the peaceful means. So the military option has come on top of their choices. If such a scenario unfolds, considering Yemen’s uniqueness as an armed tribal nation, the consequences would be catastrophic,” said a political analyst. 

Saleh and five other high-ranking officials fled to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment following a rocket attack on the Yemeni presidential palace in Sana’a on June 3. He has reportedly been released from the hospital and announced plans to return to Yemen soon. 

On Tuesday, Yemeni Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Mujawer returned to the country from a Saudi hospital in Riyadh. 

Political analysts say Mujawer’s arrival paves the way for the anticipated return of Saleh, raising the possibility of a civil war in the Arab country. 

Hundreds of people have been killed and many more injured in Yemen since January as a result of the brutal crackdown on anti-government protests by military forces and bands of thugs loyal to Saleh. 

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