Yemeni opposition, Saleh reach deal

shiitenews_yameen_flagYemen’s opposition and President Ali Abdullah Saleh have agreed to sign a deal proposed by the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council ([P]GCC), intended to end the months-long crisis in the country.

“After American, European and Arab efforts, there was agreement by the president on the [P]GCC initiative after simple changes, and the signing will be today,” said an opposition official Yahya Abu Usbua, quoted in a Reuters report on Wednesday.

The deal comes after Yemen opposition leaders said they reconsidered changes to a deal proposed by the [P]GCC, intended to ease Saleh from power after almost 33 years.

Saleh said in April that he would sign the [P]GCC deal requiring him to step down from his post within 30 days after signing the accord, in exchange for immunity from prosecution. However, the embattled president later backed out from the agreement.

Protesters have, however, warned that they would not accept any kind of accord that does not guarantee Saleh’s immediate departure.

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