Yemeni gov’t, Shias ink new peace deal in Doha

Yemani-govtRepresentatives of the Yemeni government and northern Shiite fighters signed an agreement in the Qatari capital Doha to cement a fragile ceasefire in northern Yemen that ended sporadic battles since 2004, a top official told Xinhua on Friday.

The agreement, which was mediated by the Qatari government, contains the items of the returning of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their home villages, the release of all innocent Shia detainees from government’s jails and providing humanitarian aids including food  and medicines to the local residents of Saada, said the senior security official of the Interior ministry, who spoke condition of anonymity.

The agreement was sealed late Thursday and also stipulated a timetable for implementing previous truce deals, including the 2008 Doha peace agreement and the Feb. 11, 2010 ceasefire deal, as well as the new Doha truce agreement to end the war in northern Yemen, according to the official.The official told Xinhua that those earlier mentioned points of the 2008 Doha peace agreement and Feb. 11, 2010 ceasefire deal were the priority of the new Doha deal and the reconstruction of the war-striken area will be launched later.

On Tuesday, peace talks mediated by Qatar kicked off in Doha between representatives of the Yemeni government and Shia fighters to shore up a fragile ceasefire in northern Yemen, according to a spokesman of the Yemeni Foreign Ministry.

“The two sides have already begun wide-ranging negotiations to reach a final reconciliation about the conflict in northern Yemeni province of Saada,” the spokesman, who asked not to be named, told Xinhua on phone.


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