Houthis say foreigners kidnapped by Yemeni govt.


Houthi fighters in Yemen have denied any involvement in the abduction of a group of nine foreigners, holding Sana’a responsible for the kidnapping. In a statement released on Monday, leader of the fighters Abdul-Malik al-Houthi dismissed reports that the fighters were negotiating the release of the kidnappers.

Al-Houhti accused the government for the abduction, saying they were kidnapped in the Sa’ada governorate.

The government formerly blamed Shia fighters for the abduction of a German family and a Briton who were among a group of nine foreigners kidnapped in the northern province of Sa’ada.

Yemeni Foreign Minister Abubakr al-Qirbi said last week that the authorities had started negotiations with the hostage-takers.

He told reporters that three children were among the hostages.

Three women from the group — two Germans and a South Korean — were later found dead.


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