Houthis ‘seize 3 Yemeni bases in north’

shiahouthi1-300x202 Houthi fighters in Yemen say they have managed to capture three military bases after fierce fighting with the government forces near the northern city of Sa’ada. The fighters released a statement on Monday, saying that they had seized the military bases after a long battle with Yemeni forces, prompting them to launch attacks against civilians in the area.   According to the report, Yemeni forces targeted and destroyed several residential homes, mosques and historical buildings. Meanwhile, Yemeni military sources claimed that they killed a dozen fighters during the clashes in the day. They said eight soldiers were also killed in the fighting. Yemen launched its Operation Scorched Earth against the Shias in the countrys northern provinces in August 2009. The government accuses the Houthis of violating the terms of a ceasefire in 2009 by taking foreign visitors hostage. The fighters deny the charges, saying they seek to put an end the government’s discriminatory policies against Shia minorities. The attacks have so far killed scores of civilians and displaced thousands of others. Israeli ‘experts’ visit Yemen However, A group of Israeli ‘experts’ visit Yemen at a time when the Arab country is rife with foreign military intervention. Five Israeli “agriculture experts” were in Yemen last week to help the country’s farmers, Israel’s Arutz Sheva newspaper reported on Sunday. Tel Aviv says the experts’ trip has nothing to do with the conflict in Northern Yemen. During an agricultural show exposition in the Netherlands several months ago, the government of Yemen invited the Israelis to visit the country, the report said. Despite the fact that Sana’a and Tel Aviv have no diplomatic ties, the experts entered Yemen using their Israeli passports. The development comes as Saudi Arabia and the US have lent military support to Yemen’s government in its crackdown against the Shia fighters in the North of the country. Riadh Hussain al-Qazi, the Head of the Yemeni Opposition Movement told Iran’s al-Alam Arabic TV news channel that Yemen’s crackdown against its Shia population in the north has been designed by Saudi Arabia and the Zionist lobby in the US.


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