Yemen Rocketry Force Fires Ballistic Missile on Saudi Airbase in Taif

Yemen rocketry force fired a homemade ballistic missile on Saudi airbase in Taif, in retaliation for the horrible massacre committed against Yemeni taking part in a funeral in the capital Sanaa last Saturday.

Yemeni military source reported that the rocketry force in the Yemeni army and the popular committees fired “Burkan -1” (Volcano) missile at dawn on Monday.

Surveillance units in the army and the popular committees stressed that the missile has accurately hit its target in King Fah Airbase, the source said.

Ambulance vehicles rushed to the scene of the attack, as fear and confusion prevailed in the area surrounding the airbase following the attack, according to the source.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni source said that the attack on the Saudi airbase come in retaliation for the horrific massacre which killed and injured more than 800 Yemenis on Saturday.

“Burkan” is a Scud missile developed by the Yemeni rocketry force. The missile range surpasses 800 km, with its warhead weighs half a ton.

The video below shows the moments when “Burkan” missile hit King Fahd Airbase.


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