US-British Presence Will Bring Catastrophic Effects On The Region, Its Safety

The governor of Mahra province affiliated with the Sanaa government, Al-Qatabi Ali Al-Farji, has called on the people of the southern and eastern provinces to confront the US-British presence and their tools, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Al-Farji stressed the necessity of taking action to activate field resistance by the province’s people to confront suspicious foreign interventions and movements in the province, according to the government-run Yemeni News Agency (Saba) in Sanaa.

The governor said: “The occupation, after its failure to win the loyalty of the Mahra tribes, resorted to offering inducements and supporting components outside the tribal and societal consensus in an attempt to find an incubator for its projects.”

He pointed out that the people of Mahra are now aware of the falsehood of the fake projects that are used for media display at the expense of their province.


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