WFP suspends its activities in Yemen

After years of war and blockade on Yemen, and just as hopes were being raised that the humanitarian situation will improve thanks to the UN-brokered truce, the World Food Program has announced that it is suspending humanitarian work in the country since the beginning of June.

The body says it is short on funding and that obstacles to food supply due to war in Ukraine are making things worse.

The program now says that the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan for 2022 is 74 percent underfunded, which means the program requires 1.5 billion dollars in funding.

Saudi Arabia began its war on Yemen in March 2015 and has imposed a siege on the country ever since.

The war has killed tens of thousands of civilians and pushed the war-torn country to the brink of famine where almost 80 percent of the population depends on humanitarian aid to survive.

After all the hard work put into reaching the current truce and extending it, suspension of the humanitarian aid could also undermine the political process. The United Nations should now double its efforts and change its strategies to help Yemenis in dire need of aid.


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