“States Involved in Aggression on Yemen Heading to Be Part of Zionist Axis”

Head of Yemen’s national delegation Mohammad Abdel Salam lashed out at Saudi Arabia for officially being part of the axis including Zionist entity and several Arab states.

In a statement on Monday, Abdel Salam said: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Saudi Arabia ahead of full normalizations of ties.”

“States involved in the aggression and blockade on Yemen are heading to officially be part of the axis which includes the Zionist entity and some Arab states,” the Yemeni official was quoted by Yemen’s Al-Massirah TV as saying.

“The real face of the aggression on Yemen has emerged as the states which normalize relations with the Zionist entity are putting all its capabilities in an open war on Yemen. This is a US-Zionist aggression.”

Abdel Salam, meanwhile, lashed out at Riyadh for portraying itself as a defender of the Islamic Ummah’s (nation) holy sites while plotting against the Ummah by setting alliance with the real enemies.

Netanyahu and Mossad Cheif Yossi Cohen reportedly took a private flight Sunday to Saudi Arabia, where they met with Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


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