Al-Qaeda and Daesh have emerged as a partner in the war on Yemen

Since the beginning of US-Saudi aggression on Yemen, Al-Qaeda and Daesh have emerged as a partner in the war on Yemen and they have played an important role in many battles, seeking to find areas of influence to be a safe place haven for its elements.

The coalition of aggression often resorted to concluding deals with Al-Qaeda and Daesh, granting them areas of influence in exchange for fighting in its ranks, especially in areas where the battles are intensifying and its armed factions are unable to withstand them.

The last coalition deals with these terrorist organizations were in Al-Baidha province, where fierce battles are taking place between the coalition forces and Sana’a forces, in which the latter recorded wide progress.

Al-Baidha is witnessing a large influx of elements from Al-Qaeda and Daesh, establishing large camps, which confirms the existence of a new deal between these organizations and the coalition. The coalition of aggression has intended to hand over large parts of the province to the Al-Qaeda organization to establish its camps in exchange for fighting in the coalition ranks against the Sana’a forces.

On Sunday, April 12, the Ministry of Interior in Sana’a revealed a large influx of Al-Qaeda elements from the provinces of Abyan and Shabwa to Natea district to reinforce its forces there, after the successive defeats suffered by the coalition forces during the battles in the past days.

This announcement coincided with what was reported by the media, quoting tribal sources, that leader of Serwah front affiliated to Al-Qaeda sent locomotives loaded with weapons to the Al-Qaeda and Daesh stronghold in Al-Sawmah, where their camps are located, after gathering their members there and setting up training camps, command rooms and fortifications during the past weeks.

According to local sources in Al-Baidha, the districts of Qaifa, Al-Sawmah and Yakla have been turned into autonomous areas for Al-Qaeda and Daesh, with the provision of cover by the coalition and sending more arms shipments from Marib and Aden to their leaders.

These districts have turned into a battleground between Daesh and Al Qaeda, as each side seeks to control the other’s spheres of influence and to obtain more support that the coalition sends.

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