Five Years Statistics of US-Saudi Criminality in Yemen

A recent report issued by the Legal Center for Rights and Development revealed 41,474 civilian casualties in crimes committed by the coalition of US-Saudi aggression against Yemen during the past five years.

Civilian Victims

According to the report, the number of civilian deaths reached 16,075, including 3,931 children and 2,462 women, in addition to 9,682 men.

The number of wounded civilians was 25,401, among them 4,220 children, 3,039 women and 18,142 men.


According to the statistic of the Legal Center for Rights and Development, the US-Saudi aggression destroyed in five years 15 airports, 14 ports, 2,700 roads and bridges, 193 power stations and materials, 793 reservoirs and water networks, 442 communication networks and stations, 1,832 government installations and 428,828 homes.

Service Facilities

The statistic stated that during the five-year the coalition of aggression destroyed 953 mosques, 344 hospitals and health facilities, 914 schools and institutes, 176 university facilities, 360 tourist facilities, 130 sports facilities, 41 media facilities, 219 archaeological landmarks and 4,134 agricultural fields.

Economic Facilities

The statistic indicated that the coalition of aggression destroyed during the five years 355 factories, 652 commercial markets, 7.819 commercial establishments, 774 food stores, 642 food trucks, 370 fuel stations, 4.199 means of transportation, 349 chicken farms and livestock, 454 fishing boats.



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