CNN Reporter Interviews African Shia Leader, Sheikh Zakzaky in Zaria

sheikhzakay CNN Reporter interviewed Leader of the Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in his residence in Zaria on Saturday  2nd of January 2010. The Interview  covers issues  like the mission of the Shia Islamic Movement, economic hardship in Nigeria, Government’s use of force on the members and terrorism. After a little introduction Sheikh Zakzaky explains the mission of the Islamic which he said is to return the Ummah to the teachings of Islam and Sunnah of the Prophet(SAWA) . The use of the  name ‘Islamic Movement’ , contrary to what obtained in other countries, is just to express the idea, Sheikh explained. He added that as it can be seen nowadays, the Islamic Ummah do read the Message of Allah sent through His noble Prophet, but don’t abide practically by its teachings in their life. When asked about economic hardship face by people in Nigeria sheikh explained that one of the main cause of the many problems is basically lack of responsible leadership; the rulers, who each tries to carter for his own selfish desire, don’t feel that they have any responsibility to the problems of the people. The reporter asked on how to bring about a change, Sheikh Zakzaky noted that   changing is a gradual process which starts with individual  self reformation to the extent that at a certain time, when the Ummah transforms,  a total change will take place. That is how the Movement started, at the beginning it was just a handful of members, then the number continued  to increase in tenth, hundreds, thousands and now the number is getting to millions;  one day the desired victory will be achieved, Sheikh expressed. The reporter further asked on reason why the number of members of the Movement keeps on increasing, Sheikh Zakzaky said that it is because of People’s  Trust with the Movement; they believe that words being told coincide with actions as regard to the Movement’s activities and therefore decided to join. Another question asked by the reporter is on the government’s use force on members during the Movement’s various processions, Sheikh Zakzaky explained that such processions will continue to be organised and if rulers think that killings is the only best way for them, let them continue as  a day will come when they cannot continue with the killings. When explaining to the reporter how the enemies of Islam try to label Muslim a terrorist and to show that Islam teaches terrorism, Sheikh Zakzaky explained that Islam brought Message full of knowledge, wisdom and civilisation and changed a nation from backwardness to glory and progress to the extent that Islam ruled the whole world and brought to it human civilisation and development; with all this how can  Islam change to teaching killings and terrorism! he lamented. Sheikh Zakzaky added that even the West which was in Dark Ages, got its civilisation through the teachings of Islam brought by the Messanger of Allah(SAWA) as recorded in History.

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