African Shias: Ashura Mourning in Zaria

africa-300x225 The Annual 10-day Ashura Mourning gathering started on Thursday the first of Muharram 1431. As usual the believers gather every year to listen to lectures of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky on the historic event. Sheikh Zakzaky delivered an introductory lecture on the first day where he talked on the history of Islamic calendar.   The leader lamented that many Muslims have little or no concern for the Islamic calendar to the extent that they dont even know when the year begins; they attach more importance to Gregorian calendar as can be seen in their daily schedule of  activities. He added that  lack of concern for  Islamic Calendar is tantamount to lack of concern for Islamic issues, important days and events. He said the Islamic Calendar which begins with the migration of Prophet Muhammad(SAWA) to Medina which marked the establishment of Islamic Government from where Islam continued to flourish. The Migration of the Prophet and his companions to Medina was considered as the Reference Point for Islamic calendar, he added . He pointed that the prophet went to medina not as asylum seeker, rather he went there as the leader. When he went to Medina its people accepted him as Leader and  changed its name to Medinatur Rasul( the city of the Messenger)- the name is now abbreviated to Madina. It was formerly called Tayyibbah ( The good), though The Jews called it Yathrib which is a bad name, sheikh expressed. So his migration to Medina brought  about establishment of first Islamic Government where from Islam continued to spread to all corners of the world. Sheikh Zakzaky pointed out that there are other important events which can also be used to set the calendar but for the importance of having a purely Islamic system of governance those events were not considered. He cited the example of  events like the year the Prophet was born which the Arabs called Am’ Fil ( i.e the year Abraha and his armies where destroyed when they  attempted to attack the Ka’aba). He added that the birth of the prophet(AS) marked important turning point in the history of humanity because with his birth the Wall of Kisra fell and the Fire worshiped by Persians then became extinguished, yet the  year was not set as a reference point for Islamic Calendar.       Like wise the year the Prophet received message from Allah through Angel Gabriel was also not considered as a reference point for Islamic calendar despites its importance. Sheikh Zakzaky noted that  to establish Islamic system of Governance is a must duty upon Muslims because it is only under such system Islamic Sharia  can fully be implemented. He noted that those who consider the struggle for the establishment of Islamic system as a mission  impossible should not fight the effort for the fact that it is impossible in their views. He expressed that  if some one is making effort on something impossible that person  should be considered  a fool or at least laughing folk. however sheikh said the opponents of the struggle know too well that it is possible to establish Islamic System of governance. On the issue of Imam Hussaini Mourning gathering, Sheikh Zakzakhy outlined reasons for conducting it as well as lessons therein. Source: ABNA


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