Malaysian police arrest 6 Daesh suspects

Security forces in Malaysia have arrested six local people suspected of membership in the Takfiri Deash terrorist group.

Malaysian Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar made announced the arrests on Saturday, saying that the suspects had been detained during separate raids in four states between May 23 and 26.

One arrestee was a 27-year-old cow farmer, identified as Muhammad Muzafa Arieff Junaidi, who was wanted by police for smuggling arms for Malaysia-based Daesh terrorists. Abu Bakar said Muzafa had been instructed to sneak into southern Thailand with two firearm weapons to carry out terror attacks.

Two brothers allegedly suspected of supporting and helping the Takfiri group in Syria were also arrested. The two, as stated by the Malaysian inspector general, were relatives of Muhammad Fudhail Omar, who had instructed a “lone wolf” attack in the Malaysian state of Sabah last August.

A 54-year-old retired military official was also arrested for financially supporting the terrorists in Syria. The other two arrestees, whose identities were not publicized, were also accused of supporting Daesh militants in Syria.

All six suspects would be held for further investigation, Khalid said.

The Takfiri Daesh terrorist group is wreaking havoc in several countries but is mainly active Iraq and Syria.


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