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Wahabism main cause of spreading international terrorism

While questioning the US claims in the fight against terrorism, an American journal emphasized that if the US is really looking for this issue, it should fight against Wahabism all over the world.

The United States’ war on terror has failed because it neglects to address the source of extremism. On the one hand, the United States is fighting terrorists, but it is not addressing the main root of terrorism, the exportation of Wahabi ideology from Saudi Arabia, Small Wars Journal reported.

The report has investigated the creation of Wahabism in the region by Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab and the Wahabism alliance with the rulers of Al Saud. The alliance has created extremism and has left effects throughout the region and has even directly led to the killing of Americans and hampering American interests abroad.

Since the mid-1960s, Wahabi organizations have been very active in the United States. To spread Wahabism in the United States, Saudi elements have used their vast amounts of money obtained through oil revenues.

Some members of the United States congress acknowledge that Wahabism is the ideology that fosters violence and the Saudi support of it undermines security in the United States and the Middle East, but mere acknowledgement without action does not solve the problem. More needs to be done to ensure American interests and security, the report continued.

The most important step the United States can take toward eliminating extremism would be to combat Wahabism worldwide by cutting off the Saudi money that funds it. Without funding, Wahabis would not be able to spread their interpretations around the world, the report concluded.

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