Tanzanian Muslims give Imam Reza’s flag a passionate welcome

Dar es Salaam (IP)- Muslims in Tanzania have found the opportunity to warmly receive Imam Reza’s convoys – AKA ‘In the Shade of Sun’ – as celebrations to mark his birth anniversary are underway in Iran and some other countries.

Large crowds of people have taken to the streets of the largest city in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, to welcome the flag of Imam Reza’s holy shrine (the eighth Shia Holy Imam).

The country has been one of the destinations for ‘In the Shade of Sun’ convoys so that more Muslims from other parts of the globe can get the chance after two years of pandemic-related restrictions. Thousands of fervent Muslims gathered to welcome the procession in the East African country with the head of Karamat Razavi Foundation, Mohammad Hassan Ostad Agha, and a group of holy shrine servants in attendance. The flag was also passed through the elated crowd accompanied by eulogies for Imam Reza.

The convoy further proceeded toward the Iranian embassy in Tanzania and the ceremony continued with Iran’s ambassador and cultural advisor in attendance.


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