Somali military claims killing 50 al-Shabaab terrorists

Somali national army on Sunday said it conducted military operations in three different regions in the Horn of Africa country, killing at least 50 al-Shabaab terrorists in the past 48 hours, reports Anadolu Agency.

The operations took place in the central region of Hiiran, Middle Shabelle, and southwestern province of lower Shabelle separately, Somali state television quoted military commanders as saying.

Many bases of the terror group were destroyed in the past 48 hours, the army said.

As the country is preparing to hold parliamentary and presidential elections in the coming months, the military has intensified operations against the group.

The Somali army’s recent operation against al-Shabaab in the Middle Shabelle region has so far killed over 130 terrorists and liberated at least six villages, according to the military.



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